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I decided to go back to Mozambique and the Rural Hospital, where I have been working four years some 40 years ago, to reconnect with the people and the places there, and by doing so, to revisit my memories and reframe them with my camera. Here, I assisted when the local surgeon performed a Cesarian Section to deliver twins

Ezio Gianni Murzi

eziogianni@gmail.com 00393407677943 Italy

Topics of Focus

health, ageing, international development, children health

Geographic Areas of Focus



I am a well-traveled medical doctor, turned photographer and passionate storyteller. I have been working for UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, for 20 years being posted in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North Africa, India and the USA. Now, I am based in Rome, and I travel where the passion for photography takes me and where COVID-19 allows me. I like to work on stories that have social issues worth telling.

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