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Cheryl Clegg

cherylcleggphoto@verizon.net 617-268-2266 United States


Cheryl Clegg delivers images that linger. More than filling white space, each project tells a story or burns an impression into the mind of its audience. Cheryl is an award-winning photographer with two decades of successful projects. She is equipped to shoot digitally or with film, in studio or on location.

Cheryl's clients include household names such as CVS Pharmacy, New Balance, John Hancock and Fidelity Investments and her work has appeared on billboards, magazines, book covers and annual reports. Widely recognized, her images have appeared in Canada, Belgium, India, the UK, Japan and South Korea. Cheryl is equally at home working with tier-one corporations and with local clients on smaller projects.

Warm and easy to work with, Cheryl's no-nonsense technique means that projects are on time and on budget; points that become almost secondary to clients receiving the results of her practiced lens and creative eye.

Cheryl’s work can be found on the web by going to: www.cleggphoto.com