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The Twins

Vaughan Brookfield | New Zealand

“The last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions - anxiety, helplessness, joy, fear, gratitude and hope.

I used my camera to document this journey, like a therapy that was a way to take my mind off the big decisions and the reality that we faced.

The night we rushed to Invercargill hospital was when our world really changed. My wife Emma was 22 weeks pregnant and we had found out weeks prior that we were expecting twins. We have a 15- month-old daughter Hazel, and the prospect of two more babies was unexpected and daunting at the time. We rushed to hospital because Emma’s waters had broken - not a good sign so early in a pregnancy.

From that night we spent well over three months away from our home, living in hospitals or motels close to hospitals. We talked with doctors and worked through some of the hardest decisions I think we will ever have to make in our lives. 

These images are a reflection of the peaceful moments amongst the craziness. 

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