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Kouzen Zaka - Vodoun in Brooklyn, NY

Tony Savino | NY, United States


Ceremony perfomed by Mambo Satela at La Cour Palmiste #3 Racines, Brooklyn, NY. May 2010

Kouzen Zaka, or Azaka, is the patron lwa of farmers, but he is also known as a lwa travay, a work lwa. He is also known as Minis or Azaka Mede, as minister of agriculture. He is an extremely hard worker and works very quickly to accomplish what is asked of him. He is a peasant lwa that enjoys the simple things in life. He is extremely popular in all of Haiti. Kouzen wears a broad brimmed straw hat, carries a djakout (straw sack), and a sickle or machete. He wears karabel (denim) clothing and a red mushwa.

Kouzen Zaka is a master at treating illnesses using leaves and herbs, and is known to keep his most important herbs in his djakout. Some people liken Houngan's and Mambo's djakouts to him, because he is known to keep all of his magick within this djakout, as well as some rum, candles, and a couple other ingredients he uses when treating illnesses.



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