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A Stone's Throw

Tomasz Tomaszewski | Poland

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A Stone’s Throw is a documentary concerning change in rural areas of Poland. It is a story of a world that remains unknown and excluded from the collective consciousness, the world of the former State Agricultural Cooperatives - the propaganda calling card of communist era. Completely unproductive, they nonetheless were presented for nearly 50 years as the triumph of a socialist economy over its bourgeois counterpart, until they became symbols of the system and were eliminated along with it in 1990. For many of those involved, the shift turned to tragedy, for the few, it was an opportunity for a positive change of their hitherto existence. My goal was to present significant fragment of the newest Polish history and honor the people of the Polish countryside, which, contrary to official declarations, have been marginalized and left alone with no help. 

Tomasz Tomaszewski



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