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Engaging Human Trafficking in Nepal

Tim Sexton | Perth, WA, AUS, Nepal

Young girls study within the secure community of Maiti Nepal in Kathmandu's spring sun of March 2015.

In early 2015, I worked for an anti-sex trafficking group in Kathmandu to provide media support of their programs. I subsequently spent six weeks in Nepal working closely with Maiti Nepal and their founder Anuradha Koirala. In doing so, I became more aware regarding the societal and governmental failures that allow trafficking to occur. I also bared witness to the amazing and broad scope of services provided by Maiti Nepal.

Initial work focused on visiting border interdiction stations, privately funded by this national NGO. The majority of my time was spent on-campus which hosted approximately 300 young girls, women, and their children rescued from trafficking situations. As a foreign male, I recognized the challenges of engaging an incredibly vulnerable population and did so initially without a camera. Consequently, I gained quite a bit of trust and achieved a level of engagement that I remain proud of to this day.

Originally from NYC, Tim Sexton also works from Melbourne, Australia. As an objective observer in this space, photography provides not just my view of the world but creates a continual challenge to attempt to reconcile what I witness visually to the emotional attachment of the moment.

I view my work through the lens to explore topics of social justice and work intuitively, guided by my subject and space. By exploring inequities in an honest and raw manner, I work to reveal the intense beauty of how different peoples lives are shared. This exploration may be found as hope, persistence, or a driven intensity for survival as opposed to how these subjects are typically exploited by popular media.

I have been shooting freelance commercial advertising, fashion, and lifestyle portraiture full-time since 2012. This work provides me the ability to travel and pursue my passion for creating media to assist a variety of non-profits and NGOs in support of their missions around the world.

Maiti Nepal

Tim Sexton
(971) 985-9666 (US)
+61 420 225 805 (AU)

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