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The back street workers of the Bangladesh ship making and repair industry

Steve Reynolds | Bangladesh

Child Labour in Bangladesh is common, with 4.8 million or 12.6% of children aged 5-14 in the work force. Moreover, manual labour working conditions in a number of industries across Bangladesh have extraordinarily little safety procedures in place. And not just in the garment industries, but in other workplaces too, such as quarry work and in the back street shipyards. The latter is associated with heavy industry, which on the back streets of Dhaka often comes with poor, dark, and grimy working conditions. It is also dangerous with thick, black smoke, fire, and intense heat as constant companions, where both the young and the old work.  

I have tried to illustrate and capture a sense of atomosphere and emotion of what working life is like for this mixed aged workforce, and their difficult conditions with a sequential story of images on a typical working day.

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