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Steve Davis | Washington, United States

"The majority of my life has been spent observing
nature and seeing it for all it is. Taking in and caring for the energy from
all that is around is something that I would trade for nothing else. Because
of that I am as Eco-conscious as possible and care for mother nature and all
that she provides. I am vegan, an avid gardener, activist, and backpacker.
With friends I try to encourage appreciation for not only the environment
but for the fellow species. I also have an immense appreciation for the
original hippie and have read countless history books about them and their
radical free nature, an emotion that I try to capture in everything I do."

Portraits of individuals who self identify as 21st century hippies.  Each subject wrote a brief statement explaining how they fit within this contemporary subculture.

This work represents people who self-identify  as 21st century hippies.  This was my sole criterion for selecting subjects.  Several people I met and photographed do not visually reveal themselves as counter-cultural hippies in any noticeable way.  But all of them are able to articulate their connections to the lifestyle, philosophies, or actions of contemporary hippie culture.  A group that is a joke to many, and an anachronism to even more, is continually finding new members, more than 45 years after the Summer of Love.

Steve Davis
Olympia, WA  USA
(360) 556-5654


Representation: James Harris Gallery
604 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA, 98104
Phone: 206-903-6220

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