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Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Social Documentary Network | United States


Shown here are two exhibitions of the photos from the Spring 2022 issue of ZEKE magazine on Sustainable Solutions to the Climate Crisis:

1. Photoville photo festival, Brooklyn, NY. June 3-24, 2022
2. The Umbrella Arts Center, Concord, MA. July 5-31, 2022

Exhibiting Photographers:

  • Giacomo d'Orlando: Nemo's Garden
  • Sarah Fretwell: Permagarden Refugees
  • Carolyn Monastra: Witness Tree: Climate Solutions from Around the World
  • Roberto Nistri: Burkina Faso: The Power of Resilience
  • Lauren Owens Lambert: Saving the Stranded
  • Mark Phillips: Unbroken: Repair is Essential
  • Chris Trinh: Black Snake Killers
  • Kiliii Yuyan: Indigenous Fire


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