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4R - Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent in Art and Life

Natalia Rudychev | NY, United States

Title - Warrior
Model - sustainable fashion designer and Advanced Style star Debra Rapoport.
The photograph features three airplane gift bag hat and broken brush neckpiece created by Debra Rapoport and oyster shell necklace created by photographer Natalia L Rudychev. This photograph was selected by the National Council on Aging for its 2020 traveling Photo Exhibition (John Wayne Airport, Bowers Museum and Newport Beach Library). It belongs to the 4R project that received 2020 Tokyo International Foto Award Bronze Prize and 2020 International Photography Awards Honorable Mention. This photograph is also in a story at the Photographic Museum of Humanity and was used in the 2021 online presentation by the Museum of Arts and Design.

4R project

The main body of work for my documentary project Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent in Art and Life was created during Covid-19 lockdown in NYC at the Westbeth Artists Housing. The project is a meditation on how debris of everyday life can get a new lease on life through sustainable practices Advanced Style fashion icon Debra Rapoport uses in her work.

Debra Rapoport both lives and teaches her sustainable lifestyle. I have worked with Debra making videos and photographs for her online workshops with Neue Galerie, New York Textile Month and Museum of Arts & Design. Debra turns used toilet paper tubes into colorful bracelets; discarded espresso cups, dryer lint, mail packaging, spent paper towels and party paper plates into hats; creates garments out of clothing swaps finds and weaves neck pieces from left over scraps of cloth.

At 75 Debra Rapoport is the youngest person I know. Debra makes me think about aging gracefully, being proud of who you are and creativity we can all practice without breaking the bank.

Our planet needs help. We can do our part and we can do it in style.

Debra Rapoport - sustainable fashion icon, designer, accessories creator, stylist, makeup artist, Advanced Style star


Natalia L Rudychev (1971 - ) is best know for her work with the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi. Natalia’s International Tokyo Foto Award winning project 4R is yet another take on the wabi-sabi as a way of being in this world. It puts a spotlight on sustainable living and shows its importance for both saving the only planet we have and nurturing creativity we were all born with.

National Council on Aging

Photographic Museum of Humanity

Museum of Arts and Design

New York Textile Month

Natalia L Rudychev




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