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Pandemic in Focus

A Concerned New York City Community Feeds the Homebound During Coronavirus Pandemic

Nancy A. Scherl | New York NY, United States

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association distributing free food packages to the community in Chinatown

New York City has been a strong and concerned community with regard to feeding thehomebound during the Coronavirus Pandemic. In Chinatown, the Chinese ConsolidatedBenevolent Association givesmeals to support their local community. Harlem's thirdgeneration restaurant, Sylvia's, gives free food packages to their community every Sunday, starting with a short prayer service.

New York City’s civil workers joined forces under the New York City Food Assistance Program which assured that the homebound, qualified seniors and those unable to access food would receive meals.

In New York City, the community spirit is strong and persistent. In Chinatown, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association gives meals away to support the local community. In Harlem, Sylvia’s, a third generation restaurant, prepares food which they give away to support the local community every Sunday.

New York City'sCivil workers join forces, with the strong support and direction of The Department of Sanitation Commissioner, Kathryn Garcia, who has come to be known as ''The Food Czar.' Mayor DeBlasio appointedMs. Garcia to this ongoing effort since the pandemic's beginning, in March 2020. Well over 100,000 meals have been delivered each day under the eyes of Ms Garcia.

Governor Cuomo further supported the New York City Food Assistance Program by putting the National Guard in place to oversee that the food supply was protected while being stocked for distribution at various Park Department facilities. Many of the food services that would ordinarly be distributing food to the restaurant industry, have been contributing to this cause.

Since the inception of the program, the Departments of Sanitation, Parks and Recreation,Environmental Protection and The Taxi and Limosine Commission have been collaborating to stock food deliveries from varied sources, load up taxi driver's cabs and keep track of the delivery stops and workers, assuring that the homebound are and will be fed throughout the pandemic.






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