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Bear and Fanny

Kirsten Rebekah Bethmann | Connecticut, United States

This series is meant to explore the complexities of marriage when a spouse is afflicated with dementia and their partner is required to take on the role of caretaker. Layers of emotion surface as the ability to remain an equal in the partnership dissolves and the roles begin to resemble that of a parent and child. 

This body of work is the result of 3 months when I moved back in with my parents at age 43 to help my mother care for my father who, at 75, was losing his battle with severe vascular dementia. Instead of watching my mother care for my father, I chose to bear witness to a wife struggling to manage her internal conflicts with losing the of her life to a disease that essential stole him from her. I attempted to remove myself personally in order to tell this story from my mother's point of view.

Kirsten Rebekah Bethmann

142 N Logan St. 

Denver, CO 80203




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