11/02/23 Early morning Die-In at the west entrance of Raytheon Technologies, Tucson Arizona. Protesters blocked this entrance; there were speeches, call and response protests, and music.

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Free Palestine Protest Actions in Tucson Arizona

Kathleen Dreier | Tucson, AZ, United States

Organization: Kathleen Dreier Photography

Since the attack of Hamas on Israeli concert goers on 10/07/23 and the ensuing Israeli Defense Force's onslaught on Palestine, in part utilizing resources and weaponry manufactured in the United States and​ in Tucson ​AZ specifically, ​local young adults have been organizing on a grassroots level a series of collective and collaborative protest actions for months. This album contains images from various actions in Tucson I have documented​ since October 2023.​ As a citizen observer and documentarian, I have been able to bear witness to the peaceful actions of the protesters, the highly militarized actions of our local law enforcement agencies, as well as the deafening silence from our local leaders and community. Tucson​-based industries such as Raytheon​ Technologies and Caterpillar Inc, the University of Arizona, and other local companies directly contribute to and benefit from the continued bombing, maiming, ​killing and displacement of Gazans.

I am a freelance and portrait photographer based in Tucson, AZ. Over the last 9 months, I have been a trustworthy ally of the various local grassroot groups who work daily on the Free Palestine/ Ceasefire movement. Various organizers will reach out to me when an action is about to occur. Whenever my schedule allows, I document the events, share the images with the organizers to they can utilize them and I post my images on my social media pages to amplify the organizers' work. On Instagram (@kathleendreierphoto), I have also recorded with my phone different events as well as my commentary on what I directly observed. These young adults are the very best of human beings, caring, educated, passionate about equity and freedom for all. As a White woman, now in her early 60's, I am honored to support their efforts.

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