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Egypt is the Mother of the World

Frank Ward | Egypt

Sandstorm, Giza, 2018
The chairs are for the evening light show. Tourism was in decline before the 2020 pandemic.

The art of ancient Egypt and the cacophony of modern-day Egypt both fill the emptiness of the desert. Carvings cover every square centimeter of temples and tombs. Sculptures and hieroglyphs provide modern Egyptologists with a detailed history of a remarkably organized society. I consider myself an Egyptographer. I photograph the clutter of urban life and the vastness of desert sands. Visually, there is so much happening around me that I have to explore many roads. I am a recent researcher in this modern and ancient country. Along the Nile, traditional agrarian life continues interrupted only by the Moslem call to prayer, the ringing of iPhones, and me with my camera following Egypt’s dusty paths.


In 2018, Frank Ward presented his photoigraphs at the American Center in Cairo, Egypt. He returned to Egypt in 2019 to bring pictures back to those he met in 2018. In 2020, his third trip to Egypt was canceled because of the corona pandemic.

Contact Frank Ward at fmward@gmail.com

Ward has received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, a Massachusetts Humanities grant, and a National Endowment for the Arts/ New England Foundation for the Arts grant for his photography in the United States. Ward has traveled to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as a US Cultural Envoy in Photography for the Department of State. He has been awarded an Artist Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council for his work throughout the former Soviet Union. Frank Ward is an emeritus Photography Professor at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts. He blogs at www.fmward.com

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