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Francesco Berlingerio | Resilience, Myanmar

Image of street children nearby Yangon city centre

Myanmar 2020

Resilience is a long term  project, which is a result of a journey  in South East Asian countries: Laos, Vietnam Cambodia and Myanmar.

Between  August 2019 to March 2020, I crossed 4 borders  and I arrived in  Myanmar.

I’ m fascinated  by the never - ending imbalances typical of South East Asian environments, to tell what somehow exist but is always out of the spotlights, given that mostly, there is a tendency of pointing on touristic attractions, leaving aside all the rest.

I surprisingly learnt that, in such hidden places, people become  more Resilient and this is the only way they have, to resist and respond to coercion and control, although more often, they do this, illegally and precariously.

Poverty, corruption, deprivation, cohercive military regimes, undermine the people ‘s freedom and right to make their own decision and choices.

This is having a long lasting impact, on their sense of belonging, identity, cognitive and social development.

Furthermore, the Chinese control and imperialism,  is expanding rapidly.

This economical path, does not support  the people’s welfare and triggers inequalities , gender differences and human rights violations.


Resilience is a  book of 65 images monocrome.

The project is still ongoing however a book of the work already undertaken, will be printed  in May 2021, with a limited  edition of 500 copies .

The purpose is, to arrange a crowdfunding campaign and support minority ethnic groups and people from Myanmar.

My attention will be still focused around topics such as: identity  and relationship between people and environment.

The photos are taken by Francesco Berlingerio,

photo editor: Mario Capriotti,

text editor: polaroids Brindisi Italy.


I am a reportage, portrait and fine art photographer, specialized in capturing ordinary and particular life scenes.

My images celebrate the soul of the places I visit and the dedication and integrity, of those who create and inspire.

I believe that, as individuals, we must strive understand the significance of human culture as a value, so the global peace can be achieved.

That's why my photographs, try to reach a greater purpose, which is documenting the similarity, the emotions, the hopes and conflicts that e human being carries within himself.

So that all people, can finally reach a non-violent connection, throughout the invisible power of images.

Francesco Berlingerio 




0044 7490 548803

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