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A safe haven in a pandemic year

Ezio Gianni Murzi | Italy

The village has walls and two gates. This is Porta Canale gate seen at night. The paved steps and the following path lead to the bottom of the ravine. The stone steps were made large enough for a horse and his rider to go up or down without dismounting from the horse

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2022 was a time of reflection about the caducity and frailty of life, and about situations that seemed unassailable before 2020 and suddenly did become fragile. To escape the mandatory lockdowns and avoid being quarantined in a small Rome apartment, the author, a 78 year old retired official of the United Nations Children’s Fund, turned photographer, decided to move to Barbarano Romano, a village some seventy kilometres north of Rome last July 2020. What he found, besides the friendship of the locals, was that nature, despite the pandemic, continued to follow its seasonal course, when olives and grapes ought to be harvested, and sheep needed sheering and moving from one pasture to another. At the same time, and despite the doom and gloom brought by the pandemic, young entrepreneurs, like Anna and Marco Morgantini, were planning the opening of one of the two new restaurants that fast became a village attraction for their good food and the al fresco dining facilities. All in all, the author’s experience became an unforgettable one!

I am a well-traveled medical doctor, turned photographer and passionate storyteller. I have beenworking for UNICEF, the United Nations Children'sFund, for 20 years being posted in Eastern Europe,the Middle East, Africa and North Africa, India and theUSA. Now, I am based in Rome, and I travel where the passion for photography takes me and where COVID-19 allows me. I like to work on stories that have social issues worth telling.


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