Trails cut through the interior of the Mazaruni forest by large mining concessions allow access to areas for hydraulic gold mining

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Encounters on the Mazaruni River, Guyana I

Enos Ignacio Cozier | Guyana

In 2019 I started a project documenting my travels on the Mazaruni River in Western Guyana. The Mazaruni, in the Amazon Biome, is home to the Akawaio indigenous people and is accessible primarily by river boat. From the port of Parika near the capital Georgetown I traveled by jet boat to Bartica where the Mazaruni flows into the Essequibo River. I visited the Akawaio communities of Kangaruma and Isseneru. While they have long occupied this area, the Akawaio have only recently received documented title to their land. These people struggle to maintain their traditional ways of living as gold mining dominates the local economy. Cargo boats transport fuel and equipment necessary for mining. In addition to fuel to run equipment, mining attracts entrepreneurial activity to supply the food and entertainment to those working in the interior.

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