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Emiliano Pinnizzotto | India

Organization: Graffiti

The Area: Nagaland.
There is an area in India very different from the rest of the country, the geographic conformation of the territory, makes it completely isolated. This is the North East of India. One state in particular seems completely different from the rest of the country, it's Nagaland.
Nagaland is the strategic Eastern Frontier State of India, some villages located exactly where the Indian border meets Myanmar.

Men are mainly hunters, while some take care of the safety of the villages or of the women in the camps, constantly armed, or provide to find wood for cooking and heating.

The scourge of opium in the border villages between India and Burma where in this remote area forgotten by both governments, without any checks and prevention by the authorities, the consumption of opium has spread so rapidly as to make one-third of men slave of opium, creating a hard vacuum in the fabric of the society. While women go to the fields to work, barefoot, in all weather conditions, men gather in a hut to smoke opium all day long. The children are left in the same house and play while adults are smoking, the acrid smell and fumes spread all over in the hut. The situation is now dramatic and critical, but is not well known. But what will happen In a few years? Without any intervention, entire villages will be inhabited by men and boys who are completely addicted to opium.




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