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Story in Signs: A View of America

Cindy Murray | United States

For Christmas and Easter

Story in Signs: A View of America

Who is the messenger?

The audience?

What is the message trying to convey?

To influence?

What tone is being set?

Why are some messages aimed at trying to change behaviors?

What do signs portray about culture and values?

What happened in the past to prompt a sign in the present?

In America…

We do not comprehend the depth of our freedom

We direct others to behave certain ways

We proclaim our society as one of civility

One continues to wonder

Freedom allows for different definitions

Honoring others’ beliefs no longer unifies us

And yet, signs do not necessarily need to leave us distraught or hopeless

We can strive for new signs

Chart unique paths

Learn different lessons

Honor what is important, valued, and sacred

While not succumbing….

During a producing career with the Walt Disney Company, Cindy partnered with artists including designers, writers, directors, choreographers, actors, musicians, and more. Fostering a creative environment allowed Cindy to deliver on collaborative and diverse projects. Her ability to see both the big picture and the detail, afforded numerous opportunities to provide compelling experiences for audiences.

It is with the art of photography that Cindy provides a voice of her own. By utilizing her strong perception skills and the sense of curiosity that drives her, she is evolving her photography to a place in which others find meaning and inspiration.


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