Faces of the Rasin Foundation
Young boy outside of the clinic waiting to see the doctor.

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Faces of the Rasin Foundation; Haiti

Cheryl Clegg | Haiti

The non-profit, Rasin Foundation's mission is to improve the health of the poorest citizens of rural Haiti.

January 2013, I traveled for the first time with the doctors of the Rasin Foundation to their clinic in Le Petite Riviere, a village just outside of Leogane. Walking through the sugar cane field to the clinic the first day, I didn’t know what to expect. All I could see were lines of people forming outside the clinic door waiting for basic healthcare. They were dressed in their Sunday best, hats, dress shoes, dresses and suits. They were infants, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents. They were all there to see the volunteer doctors of The Rasin Foundation.

The Faces of the Rasin Foundation is an on going series of portraits of the residents of Le Petite Riveire who now are able to receive medical care because of the work of the Rasin Foundation.


I arrived in Haiti with an open mind, not knowing what to expect, but wanting to create a powerful series of images.  I was there to add to the Rasin foundation website.  The clinic was buzzing inside with patient activity, and I was snapping away with my DSLR.  The photos were typical, doctor patient.  I wanted to create something more.  I went outside and people were gathered all around, they gathered around me.  I was looking to create something fresh.  I shot with my DSLR, but also made sure I used my IPhone(4) to create portraits.  The portraits brought me back to my days of film.  They were not perfect, but in my mind they had a "film" quality.Not totally sharp, a little "grain," and not manipulated in post porcessing.   I continued the series in b&w with my iPhone.  The resulting serie, Faces of The Rasin Foundation is the result of my Iphone 4.

 Cheryl Clegg




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