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Benita VanWinkle | United States

Holding On, Southport, NC 8/2018

America. Depending on who you are, your age, and your life experience, the interpretation of the word America is as diverse as those who live here. To a veteran, it is an oath to put their life on the line for others, and friends lost for the freedoms stated in the constitution. For “flower children” it might be hearing Don McLean’s darker implications in the lyrics of American Pie. For those born entering the 21st century, it has meant growing up amid fear of violence and laws restricting personal choices about their own body. The questions remain: who is a citizen, and what are their rights? Who can walk the streets safely? What color is your skin if you are a part of this melting pot? Yet to all, the Stars and Stripes along with Lady Liberty remain significant symbols of America: the awful, the awesome, the tears, the triumphs. These photographs are a collection of hope in what America could be: land of the free.

Benita VanWinkle



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