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SDN 2015 Call for Entries Honorable Mention

Racism Against Roma People

Aake Ericson | Romania,Sweden,Slovakia,Kosovo,France and Czech Republic.

Organization: Aurora Photos

10/25-2010. Apold., Romania.
There are almost 2.2 million Roma in Romania, making up about 10 percent of the total population. Yet discrimination, both by public officials and society at large, remains widespread and entrenched, resulting in as many as 75 per cent of Roma living in poverty, as opposed to 24 per cent of Romanians in general and 20 per cent of ethnic Hungarians, the largest minority in Romania. About 75 Roma people, including families with young children, have been living in metal cabins and shacks next to a sewage treatment plant at the end of Primaverii Street in Miercurea Ciuc, Central Romania since 2004. They were moved to the area, deemed unfit for human habitation, from a crumbling building in the centre of the town. They were told the move was for their own safety and would be temporary. After more than five years and various court cases, the continued violation of their right to adequate housing, among a host of other rights, is beginning to feel very permanent.

In this exhibit, Åke Ericson covers the poor living conditions of the Roma in Europe. The debate on France's expulsion of Roma and the Swedish police registration of Roma is a clear example of explicit racism. This is a long-term project by Ericson involving eight countries. He has covered the Roma situation in Slovakia, Sweden, Romania, Kosovo, France, and the Czech Republic. 

Short Narrative Bio

I'm a professional photojournalist for 30 years. I have made many long trips abroad for a number of clients, including Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. Have had both its own exhibitions participated in group exhibitions and also won a lot of awards. In 2008 I was appointed press photographer of the Year in Sweden, 13 times I have won prizes in the photo the Year picture and also received awards, Gold Spade 1992, and international photography prizes. I have been internationally published in Stern, the New York Times, Le Observateur, Paris Match and Newsweek. In summer 2010, I studied photojournalism at the New York Times on a scholarship from the National Press Club.

Sandra M Stevenson. Photo Editor New York Times.
Phone: + 12125561234

Antonin Kratochvil Photojournalist VII photos New York.
Phone: +420606956830

Since a couple of years I work with a larger project on Racism against Roma and their exclusion in Europe. The focus is on Central Europe, but also Western European countries, including Sweden, to be portrayed.

Roma's difficult living conditions for twelve million people are well known. It is not only in Central Europe that there are serious problems, even in countries like Spain and France live Roma communities exposed. In recent years, the Roma issue also cropped up more often in the debate.

My ambition is to portray the difficult living conditions of the Roma from eight countries. It is not just about the vulnerability. I would also take up the creativity and the future projects that exist , it is not at least a lot of interesting Roma in the cultural field.

I intend to visit eight countries, some of them more than once. I have already made seven journeys. My focus on these trips is to follow their daily lives in their communities. Getting close to the people and give a deeper perspective than the news gives as well as provide their own voices heard.

I intend to document the results of my work in a variety of ways. A web project, slideshow, is a part that I include intend to put on a special site that I disseminates. I hope my work can be an mowing exhibition with this long-standing work with my pictures is a second part, a photo book is also included in the project.


 My own project.

Best Regards / Vänliga hälsningar
Åke Ericson
Eastmansvägen 34
SE-113 61 Stockholm
E-mail photo@akeericson.com

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