Tenth Anniversary Party

  The SDN Tenth Anniversary Host Committee invites you to attend this celebration:

Bill Aguado, En Foco
Nina Berman, NOOR
Felicia Anastasia, Anastasia Gallery
Lori Grinker, Contact Press Images
Michael Kamber, Bronx Documentary Center
Ed Kashi, VII
Niama Safia Sandy, Anthropologist, Curator, Strategist, Writer

SDN is 10! Celebrate with us this October.

We are having an exhibition and party to celebrate the dedicated and diverse community of documentary photographers that make up the SDN community. We wouldn't exist without you! Our public debut was at PDN Photo Plus Expo in 2008 where we presented the SDN website with six live exhibits. Today--ten years later-- we have presented more than 3,000 documentary exhibits on the website by 2,000 photographers from across the globe.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018
7 - 10 pm
Bronx Documentary Center/St. Mary's
364 151st Street, Bronx, NY

(This is around the corner from the main BDC gallery.)
Public transportation, parking, and access information »

Event is free and open to the public
RSVP required

This flagship event will be a celebration party that will include live music, video, exhibitions, and an acknowledgement of the global documentary community that has made SDN possible. 

Photographers in SDN's Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
Prints will be for sale for $100 at the end of the evening (unless otherwise noted)

Cassi Alexandra*
Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi
Mariette Pathy Allen
Maryam Ashrafi
Jan Banning
Luis Barreto
Maureen Beitler
Sara Bennett
Toby Binder
Sarah Blesener
Edward Boches
Scott Brennan
Paula Bronstein
Cristiano Burmester
Miguel Candela
Mima Cataldo
Vidhyaa Chandramohan
Michele Crameri
Allison Dinner
Arka Dutta
Steven Edson
Aaron Vincent Elkaim
Saud A. Faisal
Salym Fayad
Sahar Felehgari
Florence Gallez
Philippe Geslin
*Not for sale
Alena Grom
Sarika Gulati
Michael Hyatt
Karen Kasmauski*
Ludmila Ketslakh
Uday Khambadkone
Heba Khamis*
Linda Kuo*
Honey Lazar
Rusty Leffel
Garth Lenz
Anja Ligtenberg
Joan Lobis Brown
Matthew Lomanno
Alexander Macfarlane
Douglas MacLellan
Amy Martin
Sara B. May
Houck Medford
Eric Mindling
Younes Mohammad
Jenna Mulhall-Brereton
Mehdi Nazeri
Amilton Neves
Michael Nigro
Luke Oppenheimer
Lauren Owens Lambert
Stephen Petegorsky
Ralph Piezas
Jared Ragland 
Probal Rashid
Susan Reynolds
Sascha Richter
Marco Sadori
Cristian Sarmiento
Tony Savino
Tony Schwartz
Matilde Simas
Keith Harmon Snow
Sadegh Souri
Maranie Staab
Bente Stachowske
Mick Stetson
Jamey Stillings*
Carol Allen Storey
Richard Street
Maria Sturm
Daro Sulakauri*
Antoine Tardy
Gemma Taylor
Tahir Un
David Verberckt
Eric Verdaasdonk
Danielle Villasana
Beata Wolniewicz
Michele Zousmer
Jan Zychlinski

All photos printed by:
Digital Silver Imaging

Featuring music by James Lovell and the Afrigarifuna Music Ambassadors

James Lovell

James Lovell is a passionate educator, activist, multi-instrumentalist and ardent language conservationist. Through his artistic and pedagogical endeavors he works to safeguard Garifuna music, dance and language.

James co-founded Illagulei (Roots), a performing arts company which promotes indigenous Garifuna culture from Central America. James has released four albums, created the “Afri-Garifuna Rhythms” and the Afri-Garifuna Jazz Ensemble and developed a teaching method that uses music to transmit culture which was implemented under UNESCO. He teaches Garifuna workshops in St Vincent, Belize and New York; he is frequently featured in the media and performs at the United Nations and the Smithsonian.

Public Transportation, Parking, and Access


The location of this event, 364 151st Street, is a half block from the main entrance to the Bronx Documentary Center at 614 Courtland Street.

2/5 train to 3rd Ave-149th Street (NOT 149th St.-Grand Concourse). The entrance is located two blocks from the station. Walk two blocks up Melrose Ave. to 151 St. Turn left and the entrance is on your left before you reach Cortland Street.

BX6, BX13, BX32

A 24-hour secure parking lot is available adjacent the the Bronx Documentary Center at 616 Courtlandt Avenue. Saturday night rates are $15.

We apologize to our disabled friends, but there are stairs leading up to the main entrance and a ramp is not available. If you need assistance, please let us know we will do our best to help.


Other events celebrating SDN’s 10th Anniversary 

Wednesday, October 4, 2018

Ed Kashi: Artist Talk and Reception

6-9 pm
Leica Gallery Boston
74 Arlington Street, Boston, MA
Event is free and open to the public
RSVP required

Click here for complete information


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Documenting Diversity: Staying Woke and Making Pictures
A Panel Discussion with photographers Nina Berman, Lola Flash, and Ruddy Roye

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Photography and Imaging
721 Broadway
Dean's Conference Room,12th floor
New York, NY

Click here for complete information


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