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Pandemic in Focus

Pandemic in Focus

New! Selected Pandemic in Focus submissions will be featured in the fall issue of ZEKE magazine.

The call for entries to be considered for ZEKE magazine is now closed.
We still welcome pandemic-related work to the SDN website and all new exhibits will be given the same attention as all other work submitted to the SDN website.

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SDN has always been on the forefront of presenting visual stories exploring global issues by an international network of documentary photographers. Our only criteria has always been that the work must be documentary. Today there is no greater global issue than the coronavirus pandemic as it wreaks havoc on communities throughout the world while these same communities come together to support each other in untold number of ways.
SDN is seeking visual stories by photographers from anywhere throughout the world to present their work on both the COVID-19 crisis and the solutions on the SDN platform.

What Pandemic in Focus means for photographers

  • All new exhibits submitted to the SDN website will be absolutely free. Once approved, the exhibits will be live on the SDN platform for one year at no cost*. This is not only for exhibits related to the coronavirus, but for any new exhibits submitted to SDN. Click here to learn how to get started.
  • SDN will feature select new exhibits in our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds as well as in our email Spotlight.
  • All work on the SDN platform is automatically considered for ZEKE when we begin looking for new projects to feature in the magazine.
  • Selected exhibits on the SDN platform will be included in the new SDN Leads program, presenting exemplary work to leading photo editors from around the world.

* Standard rates will apply for renewals after one year.

How to submit your work to Pandemic in Focus

  • Submit your project to SDN as you would any new project. If it is Covid-related, we will consider it for inclusion in Pandemic in Focus. If the work veers too far from the core documentary standards of SDN, we reserve the right to not include it in Pandemic in Focus even if we do accept it to the SDN website. Click here for information on how to submit a project to the SDN website.

What Pandemic in Focus means for the public

  • A single platform to view visual stories of the coronavirus pandemic from all parts of the world.
  • A place to view stories not only of the hardships created by the crisis but also to view stories of how the global community is working together locally and internationally to overcome this pandemic.
  • A place to share your thoughts using the feedback tools on all SDN exhibits.