Developing a Personal Documentary Project: Kashi, Fall 2022

Developing a Personal Documentary Project

Instructor: Ed Kashi
1:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern via Zoom
Six Thursdays beginning October 6, 2022
     Class to meet every other week, although exact dates may be effected by Ed’s shooting schedule.
Ed to be available by email between sessions to review and discuss work
Course fee: $800
Prerequisite: Students must be intermediate to professional level

Photo by Ed Kashi

Photo by Ed Kashi. Young Syrian refugees at the Domiz camp in Northern Iraq, December, 2013.


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Class Description

The importance of creating your own projects is critical to your artistic and professional development. It is also what leads to the creation of your legacy work. This workshop is designed to help you clarify what you care about, learning how to commit to your project, clarifying your visual approach, and intended outcomes. We will also discuss who the audience is, writing funding proposals, and how to disseminate the work. Documentary work in this context of this workshop can be both based on observational work and conceptual ideas. Ed will share examples of his many documentary projects in various forms, review the work of the participants and then guide them forward in their own personal process. He welcomes projects already in progress, ideas that are in germination stage and even finished projects that are in need of final preparations for dissemination.

Ed Kashi

Ed KashiEd Kashi is a prolific photojournalist who uses photography, filmmaking and social media to explore geopolitical and social issues that define our times. He is also a dedicated  educator and mentor to photographers around the world and lectures frequently on visual storytelling, human rights and the world of media.

He has covered topics as diverse as the impact of oil in Nigeria, the protestant community in Northern Ireland, the lives of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, the impact of an aging society through his groundbreaking project, Aging in America, climate change, the plight of Syrian refugees, and the global epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease among agricultural workers. A member of VII Photo Agency since 2010, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition.

His early adoption of hybrid visual storytelling has produced a number of influential short films and in 2015 he was named Multimedia Photographer of the Year. Kashi’s embrace of new approaches to visual storytelling has led to creative social media and printed projects for a range of clients including National Geographic, Open Society Foundations, The New Yorker, MSNBC, Fortune, Human Rights Watch, International Medical Corps,, New York Times Magazine, Oxfam, and TIME magazine.

A leading voice in the photojournalism world, Kashi frequently lectures on a wide range of topics for arts institutions, universities, schools and professional organizations. Through his editorial assignments and personal projects Kashi has published eight books, including Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta, THREE, and Photojournalisms.

In 2002, Kashi in partnership with his wife, writer + filmmaker Julie Winokur, founded Talking Eyes Media.  The non-profit company has produced numerous award-winning short films, exhibits, books, and multimedia pieces that explore significant social issues. Their project, Newest Americans, was just awarded Best Online Project of the Year from Pictures of the Year International.

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