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Rashid, age 25, a Christian from Karachi, Pakistan, is seeking asylum in a low income building occupied by asylum-seekers on the outskirts of Bangkok. He suffered a machete attack to the head by extremists targeting Christians and almost died, and his family was receiving daily death threats by local groups. They decided to sell everything they owned and leave Pakistan. Rashid, his mother and two sisters have been seeking asylum in Bangkok for almost a year and a half. Mar. 2015

Brian Driscoll

646-285-1761 United States

Topics of Focus

Social Issues


I am a photographer, a native New Yorker, currently living in New York City. My humanistic interest in documenting stories began after exploring and working in Central America. Soon after I enrolled in film classes. For the next few years, I had the privilege of working on various projects in the independent film industry. I again found myself wanting to explore on a higher level in the field of still photography. I am a graduate of the documentary and photojournalism program at The International Center of Photography, where I was a recipient of the Director's fellowship and most recently the recipient of the Rita K. Hillman Foundation Fellowship. Since graduating, I have devoted my time to personal projects that I feel strong about. My work has been widely published and exhibited at festivals and galleries such as powerHouse arena, Guatephoto Festival, and the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow.

I have received awards from Lens Culture, American Photography, Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3), FotoweekDC, International Photography Awards, Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards, SocialDocumentary.net, New York Photo Festival Invitational, Magenta Foundation, FotoVisura Grant, Kontinent Awards, New York Photo Awards.

My aim is to dig deeper within the layers of a given society focusing on social issues that provoke questions to a wide audience.