A bird's eye view of the great Roth Yatra festival. Thousands of devotees surrounded around the Chariot

Arifur Rahman

dr_sujon_bds@yahoo.com +8801714000783 Bangladesh

Geographic Areas of Focus



Md Arifur Rahman is a freelance photographer .

The approach to his photographs is primarily to tell stories and a curiosity to know more about cultural differences. With a focus on humanity and diversity the aim of his documentary photography is to describe these topics in mainly people and places. And his imagery is often carried out in portraits, documenting social documentary issues.

Born in Bangladesh, he graduated from Dhaka University with a degree in Dental Surgery. he also complete his Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH). his passion for photography began in 2008 . In 2010 he attended the Story telling Workshop of South Asian Media Academy (Pathshala). In 2012 he attended theInternational Reportage workshop of Oslo University College/Pathshala , where he learned the techniques of reporting & photo story building by world famous Photographer Frank Fournier.

His images, among others have been shown as photo essays online - documenting many aspects of the daily life particularly in Bangladesh.