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MAKO Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Conservation Status: Endangered Widely hunted for sport, meat, and fins, Mako shark populations fell to endangered status in 2019. Fishing and conservation thresholds had previously been based on sexual maturity at between 4-6 years, but updated science now supports that female sharks only begin reproducing after reaching 19-21 years of age. It is estimated that populations will continue to decline until 2035 even with a complete halt to harvesting, as the current population reaches maturity.

Samantha Schwann

samanthaschwann@mac.com 9208438633 United States

Topics of Focus

ocean conservation


Samantha Schwann is an international award-winning photographic artist whose work concentrates on ecologically unique areas of the ocean, in a thoughtful approach to an increasingly important global conversation.

She began scuba diving as a teenager in the emerald green waters surrounding Vancouver Island in Canada, igniting a curiosity and passion for the ocean. Schwann’s artistic background was in sculpture (stone, metal) prior to an introduction to photography in 2010, where she began with landscape and abstract work. Her career is dedicated to ocean conservation since the acquisition of an underwater housing in 2015.


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