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Daniel Romashov

daniellus@mail.ru +79262032194 Россия


I was born and brought up in Moscow, Russia. Started practicing photography at the age of 7. My main coach in photojournalism was my grandmother Rimma Likhach – a press photographer worked for the main Soviet illustrated magazine Ogonyok though 1950s till late 1970s.

I started my career as a freelance press and portraiture photographer in 1996 shooting for magazines and newspapers. In 2000 I started documenting cinema production at Mosfilm studios in Moscow covering a number of remarkable directors’ productions but ended up as a line producer in 2002 and left Mosfilm in 2005 shifting to event industry and corporate video production. Within 2012-2017 I acted in the field of gastroenthusiasm and took a number of efforts to start a business. In 2018 I disided to return to photography and restarted my career as a club and event photographer. In about six months, after upgrading my skills with modern and specific techniques, I desided to set my course for a comeback into photojournalism but as the times had changed I discovered for myself that classical photojournalism had gone and I found myself in documentary photography describing my state as a 'professional level amateur'.

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