A rural women in Malawi finishes feeding her children. She relies on fuel wood for power, as do most rural Malawians. Powerless to alter global climate change impacts or policy, with little ability to influence national grid and energy planning systems, or the ability to pay much for power, she will continue to pay in effort and risk, by walking further each day in her struggle to collect the fuelwood needed to prepare dinner for her family.

Paul Scherzer

paul@edcs.co.za +27842076031 South Africa

Topics of Focus

Rural livelihoods, food security, informal sector economies, and community tourism in remote regions needing protection and tourism funding

Geographic Areas of Focus

Southern Africa and developing countries


I am a social scientist and photographer from South Africa and have spent the past 23 years working as a social and environmental scientist, mainly within rural communities dealing with livelihood development, food security and environmental issues. Apart from practical implementation and training, I have become increasingly involved in monitoring and evaluation over the past number of years. I have worked on projects in over 7 Southern and Central African countries and travelled to over 30 worldwide. I have now started to explore ways to use my passion for photography and travel, combined with my social science background to highlight social issues and capture stories of change and impact. 

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