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Nicole Vittoria de Jager

nicolevdejager@icloud.com South Africa


By definition, I am a Fashion Stylist and Crowd Costume Supervisor with a 20 year career in the Film and Entertainment Industry. Art and design has been a common thread throughout my life. My tertiary education began in Interior Design followed by 3 years of Fashion Design. Although briefly branching into Unit + Locations, Production and 2nd AD, my area of expertise lies in the Film Industry Costume Department.

My love for photography was ignited decades ago but only in 2019, gifted with my first DSLR, did my passion become my reality. It was time for change. Amidst my love for all things crazy and complex is an equal love of structure and simplicity. Clean lines. Repetition. Order.
My eyes are drawn to it all. It is about capturing moments that stir something deep within.There are also times, more often than not, that I cannot explain the impulsive need to shoot something. I just know and feel I must.

I am particularly drawn to portraiture and street. A great passion is working on projects related to humanitarian and social issues. I would like to use my photography to try to make a difference in the lives of those who do not have a voice. Documenting, exposing and initiating change through my images. I believe this is how I am able to best action the philosophy of pay it forward.

My voice, their voice, your voice.....through visuals.




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