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Harishchandra - a 77-year-old tailor from the small village of Talapona, who lost his eye as a result of a heart attack, but despite that, he has been working in his profession for 61 years. India, Goa'2018

Malgorzata Wakuluk

malgorzatawakuluk@gmail.com 509718015 Poland

Topics of Focus

documentary photo

Geographic Areas of Focus

India, Poland, Italy


Małgorzata Wakuluk - Choreographer by education, artistic manager by profession, photographer by passion. She’s been photographing for three years and continues to hone this art under the careful eye of her guru and spiritual mentor, Tomasz Tomaszewski. Human emotions and their place in this world are what fascinates her in photography the most. However, mystic photography is closest to her heart as it is able to stir the imagination and has no limits. At the moment, she is working on a new project related to the life of the lowest caste in India – the Untouchables.


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