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JAGDISH CHAUDHRY (Dom Raja) is Religious governor of Manikarnika Ghat, the largest open-air crematorium in Varanasi After announcing the nomination of the prime minister on April 26, 2019, it was the first time he and his community Doms (Dalits) had been recognized by a political leader as well as by the prime minister himself. He expressed the hope that the prime minister's gesture would bring a change in their lives. It was a nuisance for them that they were not invited to a wedding or any other social gathering because of their inviolability. But things started to change. Unfortunately, Jagdish passed away in August 2019.

Malgorzata Wakuluk

malgrzata@antrakt.eu +48509718015 Poland

Topics of Focus

documentary photo

Geographic Areas of Focus

India, Poland, Italy


Małgorzata Wakuluk - lives in Poland. She is a choreographer by education; Artistic Manager by profession; Photographer by passion. She has been Photographing since 2016 and continues to this art still.

For her, the most important thing in photography is always human beings, interpersonal relations and social inequality. At the moment
she is working on a new project related to the lowest casts in India- The Untouchables.
Human emotions and their place in this world are what fascinates
her in photography the most, but mystic photography is the close to her heart too as it is able to stir the imagination and has no limits.



She is also the initiator of the space for Polish Women Photographers,
which she has been running since July 2020.


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