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On the other hand, the herdsman, besides taking care of the animals, takes care of the maintenance of the territory on which he carries out his activity, mowing lawns, cleaning ditches and keeping the environment vital as a whole.

Claudia Lo Stimolo

klod.90@hotmail.it Italy


In my life I have always felt the need to express myself through Art: dance, writing, drawing and finally photography. In recent years I have rediscovered a love for the mountains and nature, and from this renewed passion has emerged in me the need to reproduce the charm of what surrounds me: mountains, sea, people, surrounds places abandoned by time. My work and day after day I try to convey all my passion to students teaching them to communicate what they see through the lens: a tool of the soul that allows you to capture their inner and outer reality as you perceive it. Photography is an art that helps me to express my concept of beauty and my inner moods, through the use of a personal language that I try to build shot by shot. from everyday life and the search for personal gratification. The term photography comes from the conjunction of two ancient Greek words: light (φῶς | phôs) and graphic (γραφή | graphè), so photography means "writing of light". I think that light has infinite modulations that photography from photography to shadows, and allows you to stop for special moments, capture the emotions and darkness that I love to capture. In my photographs I take care of every detail, every element of the composition must convey delicacy and purity. This style, or rather this language, I have developed in the last year, during which I believe I have made a stylistic evolution, trying to bring out more emotions. I try to draw inspiration from everything that inspires me, from music, from the sounds of nature, from dance which is always a dance of the world, from art and definitely from observing the work of other photographers. It is all the culture and intimacy background of a photographer that, in my opinion, creates the photo. In each shot I always try to imagine the photograph in my mind first. I think of clothes, hypothetical shots, props that can enhance the landscape. The result sometimes reflects the initial project, other times the winning idea comes at the moment, thanks to the interaction between me and the person photographed.

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