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Reeves County, Texas sits on the border of the American states of Texas and New Mexico. It sits on the Texas side and only has a full-time population of 14,780 residents. Reeves County is a fairly large county--it covers over 2,600 square miles of the west Texas desert. It is home to thousands of transient oil and natural gas field workers. It is also home to hidden crime, poverty, countless examples of corporate irresponsibility, and it is where the process of delivering natural gas and oil begins. (Photo Credit: Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

Matt Pierce

matt@mattpierceblog.com 78413 United States

Topics of Focus

Climate Change, Social Justice, Politics, Government, Trade and Commerce, Texas

Geographic Areas of Focus

Texas, United States, North America


Matt Pierce is a Texan through and through. Born and raised in the harsh brush country of South Texas he understands the people and the mindset of those who call this country home. His work is often met with extreme pushback from political figures who are often the target of his his work. Industry leaders and others who are often the target of his work tend to portray him as public enemy number one--but Matt stays true to his rebllious and hardhitting nature regardless of the cost. He is often criticized for his tactics and methods to getting photographs for his work--many saying that he borders on illegal. But for Matt, he doesn't believe that. He believes that the show is on the other foot and he uses his editorial experience to bring stories to life. Matt often works with NGO groups and others to create campaigns and messaging that focus heavily on social change. Matt is married and lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with his family. 

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