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Matilde Simas

mattie@mattiesstudio.com 617-750-1182 United States

Topics of Focus

Human trafficking

Geographic Areas of Focus

East Africa, Indonesia, United States


Matilde Simas is a documentary photographer, who explores the capacity of photography to generate social change, activate affect, and empower storytelling. Her work focuses on issues of dignity and human rights around the world, illuminating the enduring strength of victims, survivors, people affected by trauma, and the state of endangered ecosystems. In her work, the body and the landscape become subjects of elaborate narratives, but she actively seeks to allow her subjects agency – a way to impact the story and reclaim truth. 

Matilde’s work on human trafficking has been widely exhibited as part of the UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) campaigns during “World Day against Trafficking in Persons.”

Currently exhibiting in the LE PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS (PX3) “State of the World” 2019 Curator, Anna Sansom, to be exhibited at the annual Paris Photo Prize exhibition.  After the Paris exhibition, "State of the World" will travel to multiple destinations around the world, beginning with Taiwan in August, and more to come.

Exhibition at the Espace Beaurepaire (Paris 75010), from Tuesday 9th till Sunday 14th of July, 2019.

With the “State of the World”, the goal is to bring uncensored news, directly from photographers witnessing events with the guarantee that they are not manipulated by the mainstream media or sensationalized for profit.



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