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From "Welcome to the world", Arial gave birth to a little girl by caesarean route, she left the hospital the day after the birth. Due to malnutrition, she was to weak to take care of her baby on her own.

Aurelie Machefaux

aurelie.machefaux@gmail.com +33610107363 France


Aurelie Machefaux is a french photographer, living in Nepal, minimun 5 months a year since 20 years and where she works as photographer for some NGO.

Since her younger age, she likes to observe life, it is naturally that she came to photography, allowing her to express her vision of the world and its injustices.

Since 2015, she works on a long term project "The free youth of Nepal", documenting the lives of street children and teenagers.

In 2019, she made a work concerning plastic pollution in Himalaya, "A life in trash".

She spent most of the Covid19 crisis in Nepal, one and half years, she's working on publishing a book "In life, we trust", showing the resilience of Nepalese toward the pandemic. During this time, she made some documentary mosly social, one of them is "Welcome to the world".


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