A “Faith of our fathers” sign and an American flag painted on a white shed, surrounded by idyllic countryside, before the 2020 United States presidential election, Central Ohio

Angela Atamas

pereveslo@hotmail.com United States


Angela Atamas is a Ukrainian-American photographer based in the Midwest, USA. Her work explores the relationship between art and wandering. Be it meandering of the mind or literal wandering, the serendipity of it bestows intriguing ideas that hadn’t occurred to her before and transforms them into pictures. Conversely, a painting may delight her on canvas first and then urges her to travel to where the art was made. As borders closed during Covid-19 pandemic, she gained a new appreciation for exploring local communities and challenged herself to tell their stories. Her photographic timeline captures contemporary moods, events, and behaviors which usher in a new era while reflecting on our collective past.

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