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High Risk in Rural New Hampshire

laurie mcgowan | New Hamsphire, United States

Cooking healthy meals is important in keeping a positive outlook and breaking up the day.

My husband had open heart surgery at Mass General Hospital in Boston, just before the pandemic hit. We have been quarantining at home in rural New Hampshire ever since and I have been photographing our daily lives. It began with staying warm by the fireplace, taking long walks in the snow with our dog, watching daily briefings on CNN and Netflix, and the challenging work of learning how to be teachers working from home. The seasons have changed and we are working in the garden, continuing to take long walks and eat healthy meals.  As he regained strength, he carved a space for a home gym in the basement with some old weights.  Swimming in the town lake has become an almost daily ritual.  New Hampshire has become one of the states with the lowest rate of Covid infections, so our grown children are finally able to come home to visit us.  When I think what other people have experienced, I know our life is precious and full. 

I've done what so many photographers have done these past months, and that is create a very personal  account of my life during the pandemic. As a photography teacher, I gave this assignment to my students as well.  I stole a quote from E.L.Doctorow, 'The historian will tell you what happened, the novelist will tell you how it felt."  I had my students change novelist to photographer.  I hope you can feel what I felt in these photographs.  

Laurie McGowan



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