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A-Round Stage

fiorella baldisserri | Italy, Italy

Bologna Italy 24 sept 2021 .Before the show, a circus performer practices with skittles and bows to an audience that has not yet entered.

Turning to the circus, to spectacle, can be an infinite journey as are the points that make up the circumference. Around the wings there are dressing rooms, a wardrobe, an alternation of sets. A dynamic balance, very tidy and chaotic, punctuated by blades of light and shadow, which serve the show by creating a private alter ego. Behind the scenes, the artists show off their make-up, sweaty, serious and laughing, smoking while waiting for the change of scene. Circo Paniko is one of the most contemporary circus companies, born in Italy in 2009. About thirty free artists and thinkers, it blends circus techniques, theater, dance, illusionism, and live music. The admission to the show is free, the value is decided by each individual spectator. Circo Paniko defines itself as a collective, deprived of managers or hierarchies. It is a light, human, almost "breathable" engine, a very delicate origami that comes from a very strong passion, from a rotating balance between fatigue and pleasure, play and seriousness, dream and reality, a dualism that creates a circle.


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