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Love doesn't get old

Yandy Santana | Cuba


Love does not age, ¨when you have each other it is much easier to face the challenges that life imposes on us every day¨ this beautiful couple tells me. Getting to grow old together is a privilege that unfortunately is not available to everyone, there are many obstacles to overcome where true love always triumphs, and time creates bonds that cannot be broken. Many times we see elderly people who are alone because they have lost their husband or wife, that complicit company for so many years, that person who is always there to share difficult moments and moments of happiness. Senior love is a wonderful thing both for couples who have always been together and for those who find love again. Personal issues have motivated me to carry out a photographic project to record and show how these bonds of love and affection manifest themselves in the elderly, where many young people may not give it the value it deserves. Love doesn't get old when it's true.

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