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Pandemic in Focus

From isolation to integration

Vinnie De Craim | Belgium

As soon as news of the pandemic hit, everything stopped. All projects were cancelled, all social obligations vanished into thin air, and the first few weeks, I wondered what to do. As a street photographer, being forbidden to explore felt like a death sentence, but I tried what I could from my room. This is my favorite image from that period. A small beam of light illuminating my face, wondering whether outside will ever be the same again.

This project documents my own journey throughout the evolution of the pandemic. Starting from my desperate attempts to create something from the confines of my room, I tried to create imagery and document everything that I could see.

Step by step, I went out on the street, went to the city of Brussels, and witnessed the slow but steady renawal of social life. The unhealthy nature of isolation being replaced by a coming to terms with a new reality, a new normal, in which we are all together, 1,5 meters apart. 





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