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An All Too Familiar Reflection: Portraits of the Homeless

Tracy J. Thomas | California, United States

An All Too Familiar Reflection: Portraits of the Homeless

They move through this life on the edge of the shadows, blending into the sidewalks and doorways where society has decided their blight should remain. Often ignored, each one has a story, one not so different from my own. Their stories, like a common breath, help to remind me who I am and where I come from. They have allowed me to glimpse a piece of their souls from a space of unedited, raw honesty. Few have anything to hide. Few have anything at all except for the bit of self that remains, raw and undefined by possessions.

By capturing quiet moments in time I am reminded that we are not so different from each other. Each one serves as a familiar reflection for the next; no longer separated by our differences, but brought together by the recognition of our similarities.

email: tracy@tracyjthomasphotography.com

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