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Unwanted Refugees

Tomasz Szustek | Tunisia

Choucha(Shuosha) camp, Tunisia, 7km from the Tunisian-Libyan border accommodates about 5000 African refugees from Libya. Camp is run by UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) with substantial help from NGO-s.

Despite efforts to ensure good conditions, refugees suffer from the lack of drinkable water and complain about poor quality food. No security is provided at the night time. 4 people died in recent fires in May 2011. Gangs from the camp fight against each other.
Desperate Africans started protest against conditions in the camp by blocking the road. Security forces violently crackdown on protesters.During 3 days of unrest camp was looted and partly destroyed.
Western journalists present at the scene were beaten by security forces and  recording equipment was temporary confiscated. I was also dragged away from the scene and beaten by security forces and fierce local Tunisian but rescued by the protesters who also facilitated my escape to the save place. So I’d like to thank all the Africans who saved me and these images which will show the story about their struggle. 

I'd like to thank Gina from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent  Societes, Sarah from UNHCR in Shousha and Firas Kayal, spokesman for UNHCR for cooperation and assistance during my stay in the camp.

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