There are many groups like this in Warsaw. Ukrainian people pick up Polish very quickly. Both languages are quite similar. Generally speaking all Slavic languages are quite similar, however, life in Poland isn't easy for emigrants. You don't really have an option but to learn the language, if you want to stay.

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Our new home, for now

Tom Sal | Poland

Organization: mvv


    Since the beginning of war, from the 24th of February 2022, untill February 2023 over 9 million people from Ukraine crossed the border with Poland. Mainly women and children escaping the horrors of Russian invasion. Some returned, some moved to other EU countries, some stayed. Hard to say how many stayed exactly, two or three million? A lot of people come and go. Poland isn't exactly a paradise for those, who want to make a fresh start. But we are neighbours, close neighbours. In pictures: Polish classes run by volunteers in Warsaw. There are many groups like this in town. There are many people in need.

M. Rajtar - production support

I've been working in Ukraine since the second day of war. We have not had this kind of crisis in Europe since the World War II; I have no words to describe how I feel. Fortunately I work with images. TS

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