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Crisis Proof - how do we do it?

Tom Sal | Catalonia

Organization: mvv

There's a lot of machismo in the South of Spain. However, Catalonia is in many ways more progressive than the rest of the country - that's what people say in town anyway. It's one of the reasons they push for independence from Spain. La Ràpita used to be pirate's favourite sanctuary, it still affects local culture. I would say it makes locals more open-minded. Almost everyone has a crazy family story to tell.

In Catalonia, Spain fishing is male-dominated profession, women rarely go on boats. Even in the harbour you see very few of them. At the same time small scale fishing is gradually vanishing. This is a process of change in a fishing town on the Catalan coast - La Ràpita, three hour drive from Barcelona.

This is María Isabel, one of six women who go to the sea in Catalonia, the skipper and the land crew.

Project in progress; your support always welcome.

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