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We Fight No More

Tom Sal | Kurdistan, Turkey

Organization: mvv

Siirt, Turkish Kurdistan - one of the poorest towns in Tukey. It's neighbourhoods like this Turkish security forces fear the most. Narrow lanes make it impossible for armoured vehicles to drive through, CCTV is not really an option either. Almost everyone supports or is somehow involved with the PKK (The Kurdistan Workers' Party) and its vision of the future Kurdish state. Education is seen as a tool of oppression and therefore young people do their best to avoid it, just like the military service in Turkish Army, which is compulsory. It's hard to blame them, as schools and universities are often built next to or together with military / security compounds and the teachers are imported from all-over Turkey. Kurdish teacher is a rare occurrence.

Turkish Kurdistan. War is over, the area is not restricted but journalist are not exactly allowed, tourist not exactly welcome, Kurdish people not exactly free. Everyone's under constant surveillance, heavy armoured vehicles, heavily armed security forces, stories of disappearing people and torture. Kurdistan is disconnected, people in limbo.

In 2015, the murder of a Turkish soldier, allegedly by members of the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK), led to an immense and brutal crackdown by the state, directed at separatists in south-eastern Turkey. It was a full-scale military assault whose fatalities have never yet been properly assessed, and led to a grim curfew – none of which made it on to the news.

This is Siirt, predomently Kurdish city, one of the poorest in Turkey.

Thanks for saving my a*s: CK, MS, OM... 'Serchava!

Part of my research and an ongoing, long-term project in Kurdistan. Your support is always welcome.


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