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Where The Sidewalk Ends...

Titus Brooks Heagins | North Carolina, United States

Mary Hargrove

"Where The Sidewalk Ends..." represents a visual dialog that interrogates the lives of those who live in the margins of society.Their plights are often overlooked, intentionally ignored, and their issues scapegoated. What does it mean to be Black and human under these circumstances? What does it mean to be Black and love in a world that denies your existence as you stand staring back to its cruelty? Portraiture is your response.

I am a portraitist. Photography is how I engage people meaningfully about the issues I am personally concerned about and experience each day.I tell a story visually, in a way that may bring the viewer to a certain point of clarityabout a situation.The photograph gives us a way to know about each other.In a world where we sequester with multiple digital devices, we are less engaged with our neighbors than ever.Portraiture may be our last way to have empathy for others.

Titus Brooks Heagins


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