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Pandemic in Focus

Memories of a Pandemic

Tim Evans | Minnesota, United States

Megan is an executive at a non-profit that provides services to seniors. Given the high-risk of her clients, virtually all services have had to be suspended. As an extroverted person, the transition to home isolation has brought its challenges for her. A couple of weeks into the lockdown, her mother, who is self-quarantining in Boston, turned 90. Although Megan planned to travel out east for a celebration, they had to settle for video chatting. She regrets that her mom had to spend that time alone. ⁣Elliot, 11, doesn't miss school much yet, but he wishes his friends from down the street could come over. Minneapolis, March 24, 2020.

Memories of a Pandemic establishes a visual record of life in the Twin Cities amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. The series details a range of events and circumstances that took place in the metro area between March and June of 2020, including assorted street scenes, people's experiences during the shelter-in-place order, community responses to the pandemic, as well as how the health crisis influenced the historic protests against police brutality and white supremacy that were held in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police.

Although we are only halfway through 2020, this year has already seen an incredible amount of social instability and unrest, which will likely intensify as America sprints towards a contentious presidential election in the fall. With parallels being drawn between now and 1968, posterity will in all likelihood reflect back on this year as a watershed moment both politically and socially, making its documentation all the more significant.




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