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Mitani Monogatari

Thibaut Goarant | Japan

Mitani Monogatari 1

Changing life, who never dreamt about it?

I left the big city, the noise, and turmoil. I went for the country, the silence, and peace. I moved to my wife’s parents place.

It is a different world here. It is in the middle of the country. It is in the middle of the mountains. It is in the middle of nowhere. So if you have no car, you can’t even sustain.

I am here, trying to adapt the town of Mitani, in Yabu city, Japan. Led by the urge of keeping shooting, I’m walking around the place… not far yet. We arrived in winter. The place is covered with snow. Houses dark wood, mountains, firs, the winter stormy sky… Everything calls for my longing of high contrast blacks and whites.

My first steps into this world, only a beginning I hope, a new story to tell.

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