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Standoff at Voiseys Bay, Labrador

Ted Ostrowski | Canada

Mary exits her tent


The Innu and Inuit of Labrador staged a joint protest at the massive mining development at Voisey’s Bay, Labrador

Inuit arrived from Nain to set up a protest camp, and more than 250 Innu from Davis Inlet and Sheshatshiu also joined them.Development at the site had gone on without regard to land claims. The mining giant Inco was building a road and an airstrip without Innu and Inuit consent.

Talks with the company broke down after Inco refused to halt construction on the project. The Innu and Inuit wanted work stopped until agreement is reached and an environmental assessment and a deal on compensation.

The Innu and Inuit have tried many means to halt the company’s construction plans, including an unsuccessful appeal to Newfoundland Supreme Court,

Feeling that options were exhausted an occupation of the camp was launched. The Inco camp was disrupted and operations halted. Inco arranged for a large show of force by having the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) flown in to restore order and to arrest key organizers of the protest.





This is part of a larger project on the Innu and more broadly the sub artic region of Labrador, aka Newfoundland & Labrador in the north east of Canada. 

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